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    Why choose yijutong

    Why do you choose us

    withInnovativeCore competitiveness

    Adhere to the innovation principle of "R & D one, stable one, mature one"

    • The company has a professional R & D team, and dedicated security alarm field for nearly ten years, not only in the field of security alarm products research and development has accumulated rich experience, and always adhere to the old in order to better the continuous upgrading of products to meet the higher requirements .

    • Market demand: every kind of anti-theft alarm products developed by the company are beginning to market demand for the actual application and demand oriented projects follow the pace of the times, constantly digging new customer demand, summarize customer feedback problems and shortcomings, and constantly develop advanced, practical and economical down to earth.

    withserviceWin customers

    Adhere to the service tenet of "stable product, timely after-sale technical support" for users

    • The company has a team of professional design, we not only pre-sale according to customer's actual project application text scheme tailored to the requirements of anti-theft alarm system design, can also provide application solutions more in-depth professional anti-theft alarm design, configuration and reasonable anti-theft alarm products to the program list, even when necessary,

    • n order to enable customers to install and debug the livable security alarm device for the first time, we set up a professional service team and set up a strict service system. In the early stage, we will provide customers with telephone consultation, plan design, installation and commissioning documents, installation sketch map and other services for the first time. Later, we will provide a quick after sale service. Perfect after-sales service materials and full service to every customer, effectively improving customer satisfaction

    1. 110 networking
      alarm system

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    2. One key emergency
      alarm system

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    3. Electronic fence
      alarm system

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    4. IP networking
      alarm syste

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    5. CDMA networking
      alarm syste

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    6. GSM
      Network alarm system

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    7. Cloud alarm
      Comprehensive solution

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    Walk into yijutong

    Walk into yijutong

    About us

    Shenzhen city livable Technology Co., Ltd. is a research and development, production and sales of anti-theft alarm, electronic fence host security products and customer service service in one of the high-tech security company the company manufactures RS485 bus TCP/IP network alarm host and alarm host, integrated anti-theft alarm host, a district network alarm host, 110 alarm host GSM, dual alarm host, GPRS alarm, CDMA alarm host, engineering anti-theft perimeter alarm host system, the network shops burglar alarm, anti-theft alarm system, prison network host infrared detector of infrared, infrared grating, electronic fence alarm mainframe security products etc..

    Cooperative customer

    News Center

    News Center

    • Product research and development

      Focus on the development and production of intelligent security alarm equipment to ensure livable alarm equipment industry leading

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    • conceptual design

      Provide all kinds of security alarm data and application plan design for customers free of charge

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    • One-stop purchase

      It can meet the security alarm fields such as large area, prison, Museum School and so on

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    • After-sale service

      24 hour telephone support, the first time to provide product installation consultation and product maintenance services

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    • User feedback

      Actively adopt the reasonable suggestion of the user so as to better serve the users

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    Contact us

    Cell phone:13670235110
    Q Q:2604249648
    Address 深圳市龍崗區南灣街道立信路91號2A棟3樓
    備  案:粵ICP備11094959號      技術支持:源派網絡









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